Monday, November 28, 2011

Mixed 40k and Warmachine stuff

Here are some minis I did as part of 2 separate commissions. The stingers are from hordes of the everblight faction. Arch confessor Kyrinov from the sisters of battle army. The stinger was done with some off light source for the effect of the fireball while the other stinger and confessor basic paintjob with washing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some Warmachine Stuff

While I do paint ships for naval combat games, I mostly paint commissions for warmachine. Here are some Menoth units that I painted for a good friend of mine. I like to use washes on Menoth units since it brings out the white and gives them a grizzled look. I practiced some lighting effects on the weapon of a special character jack that I felt would be fun to do though it would be real nice to use on some Cygnar stuff.

Babylon 5 Ships

Here are two ships I entered in a painting contest. They did not win though they received high praise. The Vree ship I used some highlights and a bit of small wiring to make it look like the missile variant was shooting missiles. The EA Omega is named the Albion using some decals from a Gundam model kit. I added turrets to the omega to give some semblance of a warship and the judges did not know those were not part of the model originally.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Uncharted Seas Iron Dwarves Comission

Here is the basic fleet for the Iron Dwarves I did using some basic colors and a mixture of washes. All to a good tabletop quality.